Thanks to its expertise in analysing non-financial risks and opportunities for investors, EthiFinance has developed a support service for companies and organisations to address their CSR issues.


In response to these needs, EthiFinance has defined two main lines of intervention:

  • Corporate Sustainability line: to improve and empower CSR approach
    • Diagnosis: CSR maturity assessment/rating (general and/or thematic), materiality matrix, stakeholders mapping, etc
    • Consulting: development of strategies, policies and action plans, CSR reporting
    • Implementation: operational tools (responsible purchasing, professional equality, business ethics, relations with stakeholders, duty of care, etc.)
  • Sustainable Financing line: to leverage non-financial assets within the financial markets
    • Equity: pre-IPO support; Next’Up Forum dedicated to ESG for SMIDs; SRI Impact solution for a proactive relationship with responsible investors
    • Debt: consulting in the development of issuance frameworks for green, social, sustainable bonds; second opinion (ESG linked-loans, green/social/sustainable bonds or PP)

In the context of its integration into Qivalio group, EthiFinance provides non-financial components for Financial/Non-Financial ratings, using the following methodology: please click on the link

Our advantages

EthiFinance stands out by virtue of the following features:

  • Integration of sustainable finance expectations in the assessment and definition of its clients’ CSR priorities.
  • Use of its reputation and its quality image among the community of responsible investors to serve its issuer clients.
  • Calibrated solutions specifically for small and medium sized companies and organizations.
  • Business approach to CSR, focused on material issues, related to core businesses and business models.
  • Tailor-made approaches and tools, combining methodological innovation and sector adjustments to support our clients’ ambitions.
  • CSR expertise confirmed with a mostly senior, highly experienced team.


Our clients include companies, local authorities, foundations, associations and public institutions that need to:

  • Enhance their value among their stakeholders (especially investors and clients).
  • Support a dynamic of continuous improvement of their CSR.
  • Transform their CSR into a lever for strategic value creation.
  • Better involve their collaborators, to facilitate CSR promotion in the different business lines.
  • Enhance the value of their non-financial assets on the financial markets.