EthiFinance is a non-financial analysis and consulting agency that has been supporting institutional investors, banks and management companies for almost 15 years in managing risks and opportunities related to sustainable development. The Investors Division has five main activities:

EthiFinance helps institutional investors, banks and management companies to define and implement a responsible investment approach and to integrate environmental, social and governance criteria into their strategy:

  • Definition of responsible investment policy
  • Definition of exclusion areas
  • Support for joining the PRIs
  • Support for fund labelling (SRI, Greenfin, LuxFlag, etc.)
  • Support for SRI fund creation
  • Strategic studies

EthiFinance assists investors in defining and implementing their shareholder engagement policy in order to contribute to the improvement of companies’ ESG policies and practices. EthiFinance puts its expertise in ESG assessment of companies at the service of dialogue with issuers.
EthiFinance offers various types of support:
– Collective engagement, on behalf of several investors
– Dedicated engagement, on a regular or occasional basis
– Support for the integration of ESG into shareholder practices

Gaïa Research is a non-financial rating agency specialised in rating the ESG performance of SMEs and midcap companies listed on European markets. Gaïa Research’s coverage includes nearly one thousand stocks in the euro zone.

  • Methodology and assessment process adapted to the size of companies
  • Systematic collection and analysis of public information by analysts
  • Dialogue with assessed companies

OneTrack provides ESG monitoring services for unlisted assets (Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Debt, Loans, etc.). Assessment benchmarks are customised to meet the needs of each client.

OneTrack monitors and reports ESG practices of assets through:

  • Assessment of the entire portfolio
  • Monitoring over time and traceability of indicators
  • Support for dialogue with assets
  • ESG reporting for investors
  • Production of ESG Due Diligence

EthiFinance adapts its services to the investment philosophy of its clients and relies on its internal research and that of its partners (Inrate, Trucost, I Care & Consult, CDP) to draw up an inventory of risks and opportunities:

  • ESG-Climate analysis of portfolios
  • Exposure to controversy
  • Impact measures
  • Identification of commitment paths

on all types of issuers (Large Cap, SMID, Sovereign) as well as on a variety of asset types (equities, bonds, convertible bonds, etc.).