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MacroEconomic Bulletin - Mid March 2023

Eurozone growth in Q4 2022 revised downward, falling to a contraction. Eurostat has revised for the third time the growth of the euro zone as a whole for the fourth quarter of the year, presenting a slight contraction...

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Posted on : 2023-03-21

MacroEconomic Bulletin - March 2023

Inflation maintains a downward trend in both the euro zone and the United States. Euro zone inflation decreased in January to +8.6% yoy (+9.2% in December), although energy recorded a positive month-on-month change, this was offset by the base eff...

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Posted on : 2023-03-03

MacroEconomic Bulletin - February 2023

Eurozone PMIs report an easing of inflationary pressures and more stable supply chain conditions, which has mainly favored the industrial sector, although they remain in the contraction zone of activity.

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Posted on : 2023-02-10

MacroEconomic Bulletin - January 2023

Expectations start to improve, except in the United States, according to the PMIs. Eurozone PMIs report an easing of inflationary pressures and more stable supply chain conditions,

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Posted on : 2023-01-26

MacroEconomic Bulletin - December 2022

China reopens its borders, improving growth expectations for next year. After confirming the relaxation of anti-COVID-19 measures, the Chinese government has announced the reopening of the country for foreign visitors.

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Posted on : 2022-12-30

MacroEconomic Bulletin - November 2022

Further indicators continue to point to a slowdown in China's economy. The Chinese manufacturing activity contracted again in November, declining for the second consecutive month with an index of 48 points.

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Posted on : 2022-12-05

MacroEconomic Bulletin - October 2022

The US economy moved away from technical recession in the third quarter. After reporting two consecutive declines in the first and second quarters of 2022 - -1.6% and -0.9% yoy,

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Posted on : 2022-11-03

MacroEconomic Bulletin - September 2022

Slight moderation of inflation in the United States and the United Kingdom. US inflation slowed in year-on-year terms to +8.3% in August (+8.5% in July), although higher than initially expected (+8,1%).

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Posted on : 2022-10-21