Biodiversity analysis

Biodiversity analysis

Description of the service

EthiFinance offers a methodology based on the ENCORE database that makes it possible to report on biodiversity issues: dependencies on ecosystem services and pressures on natural capital assets generated by a portfolio. In a context of regulatory developments, the entry into force of Article 29 (LEC) and a higher level of requirement in terms of climate, biodiversity is becoming a major environmental issue.

The expertise of EthiFinance

The methodology covers all sectors of activity, all sizes of companies, listed and unlisted assets, excluding real and sovereign assets. For all your assets under management, EthiFinance produces a tailor-made report that allows you to meet the 3 expectations of article 29 of the Energy and Climate Law for biodiversity:

In addition to the report, you will have access to an online "biodiversity" training that will allow you to increase the competence of your teams and to have all the keys to understand the report.

Below is an example of reporting on the Stoxx 600.