OneTrack: ESG assessment platform for unlisted assets

Description of the service

OneTrack is an ESG assessment platform for unlisted assets (private equity, private debt, venture capital, real estate). Thanks to its online platform accessible by EthiFinance's investment teams, analysts as well as assessed assets, OneTrack offers a high value added ESG risk management and nonfinancial reporting solution.

EthiFinance's expertise

OneTrack assists investors at all stages of the management process:

The platform's various functionalities, coupled with the ESG expertise of the analysts, enable investors to meet regulatory requirements (SFDR, PAI, Taxonomy, etc.) as well as the expectations of their partners.

To date, OneTrack has a dozen analysts and has assessed over 3,400 assets since 2017.

Examples of missions and deliverables

In conjunction with investors, OneTrack’s teams build ESG assessment frameworks tailored to the asset class, market expectations and regulatory requirements. EthiFinance relies on its methods and agency know-how, while applying them to the specificities of real asset investors.

EthiFinance conducts ESG due diligence in the pre-investment phase on behalf of its clients. Available in three formats depending on the size of the investment and the sector of the targeted company, ESG due diligence addresses ESG issues through the prism of risks and opportunities.

EthiFinance conducts annual ESG data collection campaigns on behalf of its clients. In addition to collecting the available data, EthiFinance analysts contact the assets to assist the teams in completing the questionnaire. Each ESG analysis includes a search and qualification of controversies. EthiFinance also conducts quality reviews to ensure data consistency. The annual campaigns thus allow for long-term monitoring of the ESG performance of the assets in the portfolio.

EthiFinance has also developed a specific offer for investors in real estate assets. Our teams develop specific ESG evaluation guidelines for real estate players, in the context of traditional ESG management, but also in order to meet the requirements of the Real Estate SRI Label. EthiFinance also offers the use of the OneTrack platform in a decentralized manner at investors' sites, allowing the collection of ESG data to be organized by coordinating a large number of assets and contacts. Moreover, EthiFinance offers its expertise in real estate management to investors in the context of sustainable finance consulting missions (support for SRI labeling, benchmarking of best practices, etc.).

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