What will be the impact of ESG commitments on Korian’s credit metrics ?

Measuring how #ESG targets are translated into financial forecasts, and then into an #investment recommendation, can be tough sometimes... but we've done it (again)!


Investors and lenders are increasingly considering a company's ESG performance when evaluating its creditworthiness. The nursing home operator, Korian is committed to improving its ESG practices and ensuring the highest quality of care for its residents. What will be the impact of Korian’s ESG commitments on its key credit metrics ?

In addition to presenting our detailed credit view and investment recommendation on Korian’s EUR bonds, we also comment on how reaching those sustainability targets will impact the company’s key credit metrics, Further information on whether the nursing home operator’s ESG approach makes sense and if the its commitments are reachable can also be found in our credit study.


Rémi Ramadou

Analyst IRP