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MacroEconomic Bulletin- Second half of January 2024

The #Eurozone just managed to avoid a minor recession, with #Q4GDPgrowth of +0.1% per year instead of the predicted -0.1% contraction. This happened because Germany's economy shrank and France's remained unchanged, but Spain, Portugal and Italy ha...

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Publicado en : 01/02/2024

MacroEconomic Bulletin - Second half of November 2023

As COP28 unfolds, new data highlights a surge in #extremenaturalevents, underscoring a notable lack of policy action globally. The latest OECD study under the International Programme for Action on Climate (IPAC) confirms the acceleration of climat...

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Publicado en : 04/12/2023

MacroEconomic Bulletin - First half of November 2023

Despite high #inflation rates are expected to persist in 2023 (+5.6% in the Eurozone and +6.5% in the EU), a  gradual decline is expected in the coming years. By the end of 2025, inflation rates are expected to be slightly above the ECB target of 2%.

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Publicado en : 21/11/2023

MacroEconomic Bulletin - Second half of October 2023

Eurostat has published the first edition of the report "Key Figures in European Living Conditions", a special issue dedicated to the situation of the Member States in terms of poverty, inequality, health, among others.

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Publicado en : 02/11/2023

MacroEconomic Bulletin - Second half of September 2023

At a #globallevel, the #OECD has revised its growth projections, offering a more promising global outlook for 2023 due to the improved performance of the United States. However, their outlook for 2024 leans towards pessimism, as they anticipate a...

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Publicado en : 03/10/2023