Modelización de riesgos

Service description: EthiFinance Analytics is the branch of EthiFinance specialised in the development and validation of financial and nonfinancial risk models for banks, insurance companies, asset managers and asset owners.

EthiFinance's expertise: Often regulated, models provide valuable information for risk management. However, no matter how sophisticated they are, they also have limitations. To address these limitations, expert judgment with extensive modelling experience and industry insight is required. Our engineers and PhDs partner with financial institutions' in-house teams and increase our clients' modelling or validation task forces with a unique combination of technical skills, business know-how and regulatory knowledge.

Example of assignments/deliverables: From data quality, model design, documentation and implementation, to backtesting and stress-testing, EthiFinance Analytics is involved at every stage of the model life cycle.

Contactos clave:

Rémy Estran-Fraioli, PhD
Head of Analytics
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