Type of ratings: Corporate

Rating value: BB

Outlook: Stable

License: EthiFinance Ratings


Con fecha 15/02/2022 Ethifinace Ratings ha revisado la metodología aplicada a las calificaciones crediticias de emisores corporativos, requiriendo por normativa la aprobación de la calificación actualizada por nuestro Comité de Rating en un plazo máximo de 6 meses. De esta forma, se ha revisado la calificación crediticia sobre la misma base de información y los fundamentos de nuestro informe de rating anterior de fecha 14/12/2021, resultando sin modificaciones en el rating. Bajo esta acción, Ethifinance Ratings afirma la calificación "BB" de Arquimea Group, manteniendo su perspectiva estable. Arquimea develops technology-based activities operating in various sectors such as aerospace, biotechnology, fintech, industrial and agrotechnology. The group, of family origin, was established in 2005 by Diego Fernández Infante, current president of the same and operates in the domestic market, although its products are distributed internationally by third parties. At the close of fiscal year 2020, the company presented a consolidated turnover of € 72.0M with an EBITDA * of € 15.3M, registering a NFD / EBITDA * ratio of 0.5x. (*) EBITDA adjusted by Axesor Rating as detailed in the section Summary of financial information .


Rating action: Under Observation

Review due to methodologies update.

Action date: 2022-11-10

Date last rating: 2022-08-15

Date first rating: 2021-12-14


Executive summary:


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