Our Values

Commitment, boldness, and exchange at the heart of our activity

EthiFinance Core Values

At EthiFinance, our values – Commitment, Boldness and Exchange – are the foundation of our work, shaped through a collaborative process with employees, clients and partners.

In today’s world, thinking differently and challenging norms is essential, especially in the growing field of sustainable finance. Boldness has enabled EthiFinance to be a pioneer in sustainability. We encourage innovative perspectives and proactive initiatives among our employees.

This commitment is evident in our daily activities. Working at EthiFinance means contributing to responsible decision-making for a more sustainable financial system and economy. Open-mindedness is crucial; we care deeply about our impact and the importance of our actions.

Our methodology, knowledge and analysis ensure that we provide our clients with high quality products based on objectivity, integrity, independence and expertise.

We also foster a workplace that promotes respect, creativity and responsibility, ensuring a motivating and enjoyable environment.

We are committed to transparency and the free exchange of information and ideas within EthiFinance and beyond. We believe in maintaining an open dialogue with all stakeholders.

For example, we regularly respond to public consultations by regulators and actively participate in stakeholder initiatives such as the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the Institute for Sustainable Finance (formerly Finance For Tomorrow).

We maintain open and constructive relationships with our business partners, based on professionalism, mutual respect and loyalty. We are accessible and responsive to our clients, always seeking to innovate to meet their needs.


“The mobility offered within EthiFinance allows me to balance my private and professional life.” 

Ninon Decor
ESG Analyst, Gaïa Research

“Joining EthiFinance means becoming part of a team with a rich culture, multidisciplinary synergy, and constant personal and professional growth.”

Lotta Marchal
Head of SPO Sales, Europe

“With EthiFinance, you will join a dynamic and talent-filled company.” 

Elie Heriard Dubreuil

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