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Empowering you to navigate financial and environmental transformations across Europe

Your Partner in Sustainable Finance and ESG Solutions

Empowering you to navigate financial and environmental transformations across Europe, EthiFinance collaborates with over 350 clients, leveraging our team’s local knowledge and global expertise. With more than 160 experts based in Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Granada and Hanover, we’re always within reach to support your needs. 

Our focus is to provide you with the tools and solutions you need to meet the challenges of today’s evolving environmental and societal landscapes. On the credit side, EthiFinance provides independent credit research (spread research) and forward-looking opinions, ensuring transparency in the European debt markets. Our analytics team helps banks and financial institutions assess various financial and non-financial risks through robust modeling capabilities.

Our ESG experts provide investors with the data, assessments, opinions and ratings they need to make informed decisions. In addition, our ESG advisory teams help you navigate the complexities of ESG regulations and develop sustainable products and strategies that align with your goals.

Innovation drives us, and we believe in the principle of double materiality. By leveraging our expertise in credit and sustainability, our ambition is to help you become a leader in Sustainable Finance. Your commitment to financial, social and environmental impact is at the heart of everything we do. 

At EthiFinance, we are committed to partnering with you to drive positive change and sustainable growth across Europe.

Let us help you realize your vision for a more sustainable future.

Carol Sirou

Group Chief Executive Officer

Nicolas Dehelly

Group Chief Financial Officer

Julia Haake

Head of ESG Rating Agency

Xavier Leroy

Head of Advisory Services

Adolfo Estevez Beneyto

Managing Director


Axel Wilhelm

Managing Director


Adeline Buttery

Group Head of Human Resources

Oana Isac

Chief Technical Officer

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