Quality Policy

EthiFinance Ratings quality policy

The Quality Policy defined by EthiFinance Ratings is as follows:

EthiFinance Ratings is a service company whose main objective is:

  •  To express, through the issuance of European-wide ratings, an independent credit opinion on an institution’s ability to fully meet its financial obligations in a timely manner, enabling access to new sources of funding.
  • EthiFinance Ratings has a solid reputation in its industry based on its analytical expertise, continuous methodological innovation and customer focus.


EthiFinance Ratings’ quality policy is based on the following points:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Competency of our analytical staff
  3. Quality of our products
  4. Reliability of our processes
  5. Continuous improvement


1. EthiFinance Ratings is a customer-focused organization

The Quality Management System establishes mechanisms to constantly keep abreast of customer needs through:

  • The compliance with contractual agreements.
  • The handling of requests from customers or prospects in relation to the products or services offered.
  • The analysis of complaints submitted.
  • As well as the analysis of customer satisfaction results.
  • These sources allow us to improve and implement corrective actions on our products and services on an ongoing basis.
2. The competency of EthiFinance Ratings staff is of utmost priority.

EthiFinance Ratings aims to have a team of highly competent and motivated professionals, to carry out its ratings activity and service its clients satisfactorily. In order to achieve this aim,EthiFinance Ratings has the following tools at its disposal:

  • A continuously updated definition of the different jobs in the company and their requirements.
  • A comprehensive description of the profile of each role.
  • A training plan that allows each employee to perform his/her job function by acquiring the necessary knowledge on an ongoing basis.
  • A constant focus on internal promotion, with priority being given to offering new jobs, as they are created, to EthiFinance Ratings employees before recruiting external staff.
3. The quality of its products

EthiFinance Ratings is focused on offering its customers products and services that incorporate current and complete information.

And as a double materiality agency is continuously striving to include ESG factors within the different rating methodologies.

 4. The value of our processes

EthiFinance Ratings is an organization focused on quality and effectiveness of the products provided to its customers (e.g. professionalism of employees, accessibility, security and resilience of its IT systems, etc.).

All of EthiFinance Ratings’ internal processes are implemented and organised with a focus on individual and overall process efficiency. Understanding and managing interrelated processes contributes to the EFR’s effectiveness in achieving its intended results. This approach enables the EFR to control the interrelationships and interdependencies among the processes of the system, so that the overall performance of the organization can be enhanced.

This constant attention to quality and integrity of the various processes supports EthiFinance Ratings’ Quality Policy.

5. Continuous improvement

EthiFinance Ratings is a dynamic organization in a changing environment. Current legislations, market conditions, evolving needs of all stakeholders, technology, are changing elements that force EthiFinance Ratings to constantly adapt and reassess its operations.

In striving to offer the best and most up-to-date products and service’s EthiFinance Ratings is constantly improving its Quality Management System.

In order to comply with all of the above, EthiFinance Ratings management has decided to implement a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

This EthiFinance Ratings Quality Policy is established by Management, ensuring that:

  • It is calibrated to the purpose and context of the organization.
  • It includes a commitment to meet all applicable internal and legal requirements as well as focus on continuous improvement.
  • It provides a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives.
  • It is communicated to all levels of the organization and to all stakeholders through its dissemination on the website www.ethifinance.com.
  • It is reviewed periodically to ensure its continuous suitability.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

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