ESG Ratings Agency

High-quality ESG and sustainability assessments for informed investment decisions

High-Quality ESG and Sustainability Assessments for Informed Investment Decisions

Our ESG Rating Agency offers data and research for investors (off-the-shelf ESG ratings and datasets) and for issuers (second party opinions and solicited sustainability assessments). Our products are rooted in proprietary and publicly available methodologies using a double materiality approach. We deliver in-depth insights into the sustainability performance of issuers and instruments, allowing investors to make informed decisions, and organisations to understand their positioning against regulatory frameworks as well as their peers. 

Our highly qualified analyst team is specialized by sector and located across Europe in our offices in France, Germany and Spain. Overall, our team combines close to 30 sector and product experts, and we have partnered up with likeminded experts supporting us in data collection and media screening.  

We have implemented a clear separation from the teams that provide ESG advisory solutions and bespoke research to investors as well as from those providing credit ratings and research, and we don’t provide consulting services to issuers. We prepare for compliance with all upcoming European regulations for ESG Ratings providers. 

We constantly stay at the forefront of new developments in the fast-paced and strongly regulated area of sustainable finance, responsible investment and corporate sustainability. Our team is dedicated to delivering innovative products through agile methodology and product development.  


Our Offer

ESG Ratings & Data

Our database of non-solicited ESG ratings covers over 2300 European small-, mid- and large-cap corporate listed issuers.

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Solicited Sustainability Assessments

Our sector experts deliver in-depth assessments and scorings to organisations that wish to receive an on-demand evaluation of their ESG performance.

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Second Party Opinions

We provide independent expert opinions on sustainability debt instruments both pre-signing (SPOs) and post-signing (KPI performance certification, allocation and impact report verification).

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ESG Ratings Premium Reports for Corporates
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