EthiFinance and SESAMm create EthiMonitor powered by SESAMm, the solution for monitoring controversies in any SME universe

Monitoring controversies is key in the analysis of ESG company performance. Information on social climate, company reputation, incidents, and accidents is now crucial to enable banks, financial institutions, and insurers primarily to monitor the risk in their client companies’ portfolios (credit risk, claims risk, reputation risk, etc.).

Since the official announcement of their partnership on controversy-detection and scoring of listed companies in December 2021, EthiFinance, the European specialist in risk analysis and financial and ESG rating, has partnered with SESAMm, an innovative company specializing in alternative data and artificial intelligence for investment, to launch EthiMonitor powered by SESAMm.

With EthiMonitor, these two industry-leading companies have together developed a co-branded ESG controversy analysis solution for any SME universe.

EthiMonitor will access SESAMm’s ever-growing data lake through its proprietary NLP technology to provide timely ESG information. The EthiMonitor product categorizes information and highlights a company’s risk and compliance with international standards (e.g., UNGC Principles, OECD Guidelines, etc.) based on EthiFinance’s controversy assessment methodologies.

The solution provides tailored coverage to clients who need to monitor controversies in SME universes (banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, asset managers, local governments, corporations, ESG associations, or regulatory bodies).

“With EthiMonitor, we bring to the market a rigorous, proprietary, and unique SME controversy analysis solution that secures risk monitoring and decision-making for all types of counterparties and stakeholders, including but not limited to financial institutions, insurers, and investors. EthiMonitor strengthens EthiFinance’s ability to inform decisions that help build a sustainable economy,” said Xavier Leroy, Head of Advisory Services at EthiFinance.”

“Working with EthiFinance has been a great experience as we have been able to marry our cutting-edge technology to their deep expertise in ESG,” said Sylvain Forté, CEO of SESAMm “The synergy attained by the two companies is evident in how much value EthiMonitor, powered by SESAMm offers to our mutual clients.”

Who to contact about the new EthiMonitor powered by SESAMm?

To learn more about our new joint product, EthiMonitor, contact us at or

To learn more about SESAMm’s partnership with EthiFinance, read “EthiFinance and SESAMm join forces to detect ESG controversies on listed SMEs.”

About SESAMm

SESAMm ( is an innovative company specializing in alternative data and artificial intelligence for investment. Its team builds analytics and indicators, such as Sentiment Analytics, ESG Indicators, and investment signals, by analyzing billions of web articles and messages using natural language processing and machine learning. With its NLP platform TextReveal®, SESAMm addresses the entire value chain of alpha research. With six offices, including Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo, SESAMm works with major hedge funds, banks, private equity firms, and corporate and asset management clients worldwide for fundamental or quantitative investment use cases, market analysis, and competitive insights.

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About EthiFinance

EthiFinance is an independent European financial and non-financial consulting, research, and rating services group. EthiFinance is recognised for its methodological rigour and its original approach to double materiality, and promotes informed decision-making. EthiFinance creates trust between investors, stakeholders, and companies to support them in their societal and environmental transformations.

“EtthiFinance, a guarantee of trust for a sustainable economy.”

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