EthiFinance launches its ESG Rating Agency

Celebrating 20 years at the forefront of sustainability ratings, EthiFinance is excited to announce a major leap forward! As the ESG landscape evolves, so do we.

With the European Commission preparing to regulate ESG rating agencies, we’re redefining our approach to stay ahead of the curve. We’re creating a new, dedicated department for ESG data, assessments, ratings, and second-party opinions on green and sustainability bonds and loans. Proud of our historical expertise in European small and midcap companies, we plan to offer both non-solicited and solicited ESG ratings.

But that’s not all – to make sure we continue serving our clients with the best ESG ratings, we’re also evolving our methodologies over the coming months. Grounded in the principle of double materiality, our approach combines analytical expertise with technological innovation and a sector-specific focus. Our highly qualified team, spread across France, Germany, and Spain, is the driving force behind our refined analysis.

Our goal? To become the European leader in high-quality ESG ratings with unparalleled focus on small- and midcap, forward-looking opinions and data solutions. Join us on this journey as we redefine sustainability ratings and shape a greener future.

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