Request for comments methodologies

Lyon, 17 January 2022

Qivalio Ratings announces the publication of a request for comments related to the following revised methodologies:

  • Long-term corporate rating methodology
  • Short-term rating methodology.
  • Investment holding companies rating methodology

These methodologies have been revised in order to provide further transparency and clarity with respect to the scorecards and the way Qivalio uses its methodologies. Qivalio also introduces the
notion of ‘rating outlook’, and replaces its former notion of ‘credit outlook’ by the notion of ‘credit metrics expected evolution’ to avoid any confusion.

In line with ESMA regulation, Qivalio has launched a request for comments from market participants, for a period of one month. Qivalio will collect and review these comments and answer them before publishing the final version of its methodologies.

The intended methodologies are available on the Qivalio website at the following address:

Please send your comments to the following email address:

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