Type of ratings: Corporate

Rating value: BB

Outlook: Stable

License: EthiFinance Ratings


EthiFinance Ratings raises Atrys Group s rating from BB- to BB , changing its outlook from Positive to Stable. Atrys focuses its business on the health sector, ranging from the prevention of occupational risks to the integrated management of oncological disease (diagnosis and radiotherapy/immunotherapy). Currently, the group is in an expansion and consolidation through and outstanding inorganic and organic growth. In 2021, the group had (proforma and adjusted figures) a turnover of € 165.3MM and EBITDA of € 37MM (margin of 22.4%), also showing a NFD/EBITDA ratio of 4.8x. The group capitalization figure stood at € 483MM at the end of June.


Rating action: Under Observation

Review due to methodologies update.

Action date: 2022-11-10

Date last rating: 2022-08-01

Date first rating: 2019-07-08


Executive summary:
Executive summary:


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