Type of ratings: Sovereign

Rating value: A-

Outlook: Stable

License: EthiFinance Ratings


EthiFinance Ratings affirms the credit rating of the Republic of Chile, which remains at A- with a stable outlook. The Republic of Chile is the fourth largest economy in Latin America, with a population of just over 19 million inhabitants and a GDP of 252 billion dollars as of December 2020. The GDP per inhabitant is close to 15,000 dollars. The rating is based on the rapid recovery of the Chilean economy during 2021, leaving behind the contraction of 5.8% with which 2020 closed. Likewise, our rating takes into account the good situation of public finances and the reduced indebtedness. On the contrary, it is constrained by the maintenance of social inequalities and the high temporality of the labor market, among others.


Rating action: Affirmed

Action date: 2022-10-01

Date last rating: 2022-10-01

Date first rating: 2020-11-07


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