CiMA Finance 2022-6, DAC

Type of ratings: Structured Finance ABS

Rating value: BBB+

Outlook: No Trend

License: EthiFinance Ratings


EthiFinance Ratings ("the Agency") upgrades to a "BBB+" rating from a "BBB" rating to the Notes issued by CiMA Finance, DAC. CiMA Finance, DAC (the "FT" or the "Fund"), is a Special Purpose Vehicle incorporated with limited liability in Ireland that issues Notes under the 10 billion euros Programme. In June 2022, the 55 million euros Secured Rights Participation Notes due 2026 "Series 2022-6" were issued.


Rating action: Under Observation

Review due to economic, financial or credit reasons.

Action date: 2023-08-02

Date last rating: 2023-07-25

Date first rating: 2022-06-09


Executive summary:


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