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We have published on our website a new version of our Long-Term Sovereign Rating Methodology introducing material changes to the analytical framework, entering into effect today, 31st of May. EthiFinance assigns sovereign ratings using a three-step process that blends qualitative and quantitative factors to ensure precise credit ratings: As a [...]

EthiFinance Ratings has maintained the rating of the Republic of Portugal at “BBB+” but has revised up its outlook to Positive from Stable. The fiscal surplus that the country achieved in 2023 is expected to continue and contribute to the further reduction of the public debt/GDP ratio. Additionally, Portugal’s unemployment [...]

– EthiFinance Ratings ha mantenido la calificación de la República de Portugal en “BBB+”. El rating otorgado por la agencia de calificación crediticia responde a un análisis de múltiples indicadores y variables económicas. Por un lado, se detectan superávits fiscales en 2023 y se prevé su continuidad e impacto en [...]

EthiFinance Ratings ha evaluado la situación económica y financiera de Galicia para 2024 calificándola como favorable y manteniendo su rating en “BBB+”. Para esta valoración, ha considerado principalmente las tasas de desempleo inferiores a la media nacional (con una disminución al 9,7 % desde el 11 % en 2022) y [...]

EthiFinance Ratings has amended its Credit Rating Disclosure Policy to allow public viewing of unsolicited credit ratings for Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies. With this decision, EthiFinance Ratings aims to increase transparency and accessibility of our credit ratings for the financial sectors, while preserving the “subscription distribution” model exclusively for [...]

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