KPI selection and calibration

EthiFinance, leading European actor in ESG rating and advisory, strongly believes that translating an ambitious and robust CSR strategy into the financial strategy of a corporation, creates true added value to both the corporate and its stakeholders. It is a demonstration of transparency, commitment towards investors, employees and other external parties, and an additional incentive to improve further on.

Leveraging on its complementary expertise in Finance, CSR advisory for Corporates and SRI advisory for Investors, EthiFinance accompanies Corporates and Organizations in the selection of relevant and material ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in anticipation of the structuring of a sustainable debt issuance. EthiFinance also supports corporates and Organizations in defining ambitious and realistic Sustainability Performance Targets (SPTs) for the selected KPIs. The Team can also act as external reviewer in the monitoring of the selected KPIs.

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