ESG & Climate portfolio reporting

EthiFinance provides financial actors with climate and ESG reporting tools that enable them to meet the expectations of their stakeholders, meet their regulatory obligations and manage their approach as responsible investors.

ESG report

In order to allow financial actors to monitor the nonfinancial performance of their assets, meet the transparency obligations to which they are subjected, and communicate with their stakeholders, EthiFinance offers a reporting solution combining quantitative measurement and qualitative analysis.

This solution allows investors to highlight:

In order to extend its coverage of ESG data on large caps, EthiFinance has access to research from an external data provider that enables it to obtain the ratings of private and sovereign issuers in the portfolio.

Example of deliverables:

Climate report

The climate report produced by EthiFinance allows investors to measure the climate impact of their assets and thus communicate with their stakeholders, meet regulatory transparency requirements and make informed investment decisions.

The performance indicators reported are:

Example of deliverables:

Article 29 report

EthiFinance assists institutional investors in meeting the requirements of Article 29 LEC.

EthiFinance offers its expertise in ESG consulting and its tools for analysing assets’ ESG and climate performance to investors. This turnkey service enables them to quickly comply with Article 29 while initiating or consolidating their responsible investment approach.

A three-step process :

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